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They Know Their Farmer.
Who's Your Farmer?

Laurielle, Rock Hill, NY

"This season was the first season (...). I can honestly say that my husband and I are thoroughly impressed! We signed up for the monthly (...) veggie basket and we were not disappointed. Every week we got a basket packed to the brim with freshly harvested vegetables, microgreens, and edible flowers. Not only do the veggies look beautiful, they taste amazing and I just love that there are no added toxins or chemicals and we know exactly where the veggies are coming from. We have even gone down to the farm in Mountaindale to see first hand where and how the crops are grown. Why we like buying from our local farmers opposed to corporate owned grocery stores is because the veggies have a stronger taste, where grocery stores veggies tend to taste “watered down”. Another reason is the organic principles and health related purposes of eating fresh vegetables. Not only are the veggies freshly harvested, the founders Manon and Ian pay great attention to the cleanliness. Lastly, It makes us smile to help a neighbor, and it makes our body’s happy to eat fresh, healthy and delicious foods. I highly recommend Painters Hill Farm!


Sincerely satisfied customer." 

Liz, Emerald Green

When Zach got hurt  riding his bike, the only thing that would console him was a big bowl of pasta with his favorite topping: Painter's Hill Farm
microgreens !
Zach and his microgreen with pasta

Rachel, Mountaindale, NY

"Going into our second year with produce from Painter's Hill Farm and we are so grateful! The care that goes into each incredible basket of weekly produce - from the way it's grown to the beautiful way it's packed and delivered is a gift we can't wait to receive. Nourishing our family with  their local organic produce means everything."

Ari, NY

"Wether you're already a fan of gourmet heirloom veggies or a novice home-cook looking for some inspiration, the Painter's Hill Farm veggie-box will make you look forward to cooking. It is so much fun to see what we'll get in our box every week. Varieties like Zephyr zucchini taste great enough on their own but also elevate and add color to dishes, and fun surprises like edible flowers give me a chance to experiment in ways I wouldn't be able to if I were just going to the supermarket for my produce.
Highly recommend!"

Lozzie, Mountaindale, NY

I've been enjoying Painter's Hill Farm microgreens for the past 4 months and I don't plan on stopping! They are so fresh and tasty and make for the perfect topping on just about anything. I love their commitment to more earth friendly service where the containers are collected, sanitized and reused for a closed loop delivery. I can't wait for the spring/ summer season where I plan to collect a weekly veggie box. Yay for supporting local and getting fresh, earth friendly goodies.

Thank you Manon and Ian!

Jesse, Mountaindale, NY

Painter's Hill Farm produce is so fresh, vibrant and perfectly bundled for ease in the kitchen. I really appreciate the the microgreen subscription in the winter and the CSA they provide in the summer. Every week in the summer I pick up my basket and my meals just create themselves...I feel healthier and more connected to my food because of them. The pricing is always great too-
I can't recommend them enough!
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