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Did You Know?

Microgreens are young seedlings

of edible vegetables & herbs

harvested less than 14 days after germination.

10 Surprising Benefits of Eating Microgreens


More Nutrients than Vegetables

Microgreens contains up to 40 times MORE nutrients than their mature counter-part. They are a good source of vitamin E, vitamin C, potassium, Beta-carotin, Iron, magnesium, copper and zinc, antioxydents, polyphenols and phytonutrients.



You can't beat the savings:

$7 for hundreds of micro size vegetables with 40 times the power of a mature size vegetable.


Boosts Collagen Production

Microgreens contain high amounts of vitamin C which helps boost collagen production Who knew that the "fountain of youth" was actually a plant !


Boosts Immune System

Microgreens are a good source of phytochemicals, a compound that can help protect the body from infections.


Supports Weight Loss

Low in calories and high in nutrients, microgreens can help you feel full without consuming too many calories. Additionally, they contain a compound called phenolic antioxidants, that can help boosts metabolism & increase fat burning.


Improves Mental Health

Contains high level of folates which is essential for brain function and can help reduce risk of depression and other mental health problems. Additionally microgreens contain compounds that can help reduce stress & improve mood.


 Kid Friendly 
      (& Furry Kid Friendly too!)

Kids love how they look and taste.

(And don't forget the family furry  friend! Just a few stems can help keep them healthy too!)


The Perfect Food for the
Non-Vegetable Eater

Adding just a few stems to your take-out or homemade sandwich, burger, hot dog, quesadilla, soup, omelette, pasta, chicken, grilled steak...will not only make the dish look beautiful but keep you in tip-top shape. Your body will thank you.


Environmentally Friendly

Microgreens use little water and energy to grow and because the soil used in their growth can be re-used in the garden, they leave a negative carbon footprint on the planet.


Stay Fresh for 10+ days

Because they are harvested right before we sell them. Our microgreens stay fresh longer when kept in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf (where it is dark).

Some of the Star Power Microgreens with Grow

Broccoli Microgreens

Contain high amounts of sulforaphane which has been shown to REVERSE chronic illnesses such as heart disease and type II diabetes? According to research this nutrient-dense microgreen has the potential to reduce malnutrition.

Broccoli microgreens
Black oil sunflower microgreens

Black Oil Sunflower

Aids in weight loss, contains disease fighting antioxidants, may reduce menopausal symptoms

& boosts collagen production.

Confetti Mix Radish

Promotes healthy skin & weight loss

Confetti Mix Radish Microgreens
arugula microgreens


Rich in phytochemicals that play an important role in cancer prevention

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