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About Us

Painter's Hill Farm is a family run micro-farm located in the beautiful hamlet of Mountaindale NY. Our approach is based on respect of the environment, love of Mother Nature and commitment to the community.

Manon Jasper and Ian
Market garden bed preparation
Planting Blueberries
Xander and Ava

Our Philosophy

We believe that we all have a responsibility to leave the planet in a better state than how we found it.

And together we can achieve that goal.

Us, by tending to the biology of our soil and growing amazingly fresh produce, and YOU by supporting our practice through a Veggie-Box subscription.

Together we can be better than "sustainable". Through regenerative agriculture, we can help contribute to a healthier planet and leave a positive impact in our communities.

 We use organic practices and grow a wide variety of vegetables, microgreens, medicinal flowers & herbs as well as fruit trees & berry bushes.


Simply because a wide variety of plants help the ecology of the garden, re-supplying the soil with the micro-biology that it needs to grow nutrient rich, healthy and vibrant produce.


Ecological Approach

Organic does not necessarily mean ecological.Unlike many industrial organic producers, we are concerned about the health of soils and ecosystems to work with nature rather than against it.

Human Scale

This means working without a tractor to work the soil. Instead, we use traditional and modernized hand tools. The same goes for harvesting and selling our produce. We pride ourselves on being family farmers and knowing  the people we feed.

Community Engagement

In the end, YOU are the reason we are doing all this.

You know your hairdresser's name, your dog-walker's name, your children's teacher's name, you should know the name of the person who is growing your food. Your local farmer.


So go ahead and reach out, we want to be YOUR farmer.

Manon & Ian

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